Daily Cruises

Delos & Rhenia Islands

Make a trip back to history and Greek Mythology by visiting the island of Delos. Starting from Ornos Port we approach Delos so that you will be able to get a view of its monuments and archaeological remains. We can stop at its small port so you can have the chance to visit the archaeological museum and travel through the ancient Greek past. Then off to Rhenia island for swimming and snorkeling at one of the unique and beautiful beaches away from the busy crowds of Mykonos.


Starting point from Ornos port we cruise towards this amazing little islands of exceptional beauty. There you can enjoy the gold soft sand and the turquoise water. Ideal for those who seek isolation and relaxation..


Starting from Ornos port we cruise towards Santorini passing by many different islands close enough so you can actually see them. Santorini is one of the most fascinating, mysterious and awesome destinations in Greece. It was violently created during the explosion of a volcano in the ancient times and it is magically curved around the imposing Caldera.

South Coast & Dragonisi

See the beaches of Mykonos from a whole different perspective. Starting point from Ornos port we sail past the famous beaches of the island and head off towards Dragonisi reachable only by private boats. We stop there so you can enjoy a swim at this beautiful island. Of course snorkeling is highly recommended and gear is provided.

Paros & Antiparos

Starting from Ornos port we head off towards Paros which figures amongst the best summer destinations in the Cyclades and attracts thousands of visitors and famous personalities. Next destination is Antiparos. A unique and charming small island with crystal blue waters and sandy beaches.


Tinos is one of the most important islands in Greece not only because of its famous church but also thanks to its diverse landscapes, numerous villages, wonderful beaches and natural beauty. It is one most polymorphic and beautiful islands in Greece.